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Project Scope Management Processes.

Definition of Project Scope: Project scope is a boundary of the work that is required to be completed to deliver a project successful. Project scope define what is included in project and what is not included in project. Project scope is important for management process.
Project scope include Objective, deliverable, boundaries, requirement, constraints and assumptions.
Project Scope management is a process in which all the work in the project has to be completed.
There are 5 project scope management processes.
1.     Plan Scope management: This is the first step in project scope management processes. Planning play imp role in any task or any project. If you go with planning then you will be successful in any kind of work. In this process, develop a scope management plan and make a documentation for the plan. In the documentation, explain about the definition of the Plan scope management, validate the plan scope management and controlled the same. It also focusses on the communication. This plan also stated how the project scope will be communicated to stakeholders.
2.     Collect Requirement: Requirement is a need of the project and it is very imp for project completion and for the making project successful. Collection of documents is primary method for project. Initially we have to understand requirement and make the priority for the requirements. This process identify stakeholder needs and identify stakeholder requirement. It includes collection of stakeholder information. It also works on reviewing documentation and arrange a workshop for gathering information which are needed for project.
3.     Define Scope: Scope is a value about any course, product, things. In this process, project scope statement is given that provide project boundaries, project objectives and project deliverables. It also focusses on breakdown of the project. It includes work breakdown structure that break down the project scope into small components.
4.     Validate Scope: Validate scope means cross check the scope as it is correct or not. After validity check it move to further process. This process validates the project deliverable. It includes reviewing the deliverables with the stakeholder to ensure that they meet the requirement and proceed for further. This process is a part of project monitoring and control process for a group. In this process reviewing deliverable with the customer, sponsor and user to ensure that result of the project.
5.     Control Scope: Control scope means making a control of scope which are in limit boundary and not cross the limit. This process involves monitoring the project scope and manage any changes to the project scope. It includes variety of thing which are managing scope creep, documenting changes and communicating the changes of stakeholders. Control scope is last process of project scope management system. It is part of project monitoring and control process group. Control scope can monitor the project status, is there any error or changes is required.
These five are the project scope management process which are beneficial for project and these 5 steps are important for making a project successful. Before moving towards next step you has to study previous step and work according to this.

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