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Project Scope Management Processes ?

Our topic is about project scope management processes so first we need know what is the scope of the project
What is  a project scope :
Project scope is a process to put boundaries on your project and explain exactly what goals, target dates(deadlines), and product you’ll be working towards. By making clear  your project scope, you can make sure you hit your project goals and objectives without detain or overwork. Describing your project scope isn’t a one-person job.

When it comes to project management, we do not want to set our goals too big or too small. Rather than we want our project size is to be right enough in the sense large enough to capture all of our project outcomes, but small enough to be achive the aim of the project.

Describing the scope of  project helps you to reach out our project deliverables or outcomes within time and within budget without overload on your team. In this topic we’ll  going to cover everything you need to know how to identify and how to manage scope of the project.

Advantages of identifying project scope early

  1. Make sure all stakeholders have a clear understanding about the project
  2. Handle the stakeholder expectations
  3. Minimize the risk of the project
  4. Plan the budget and resources accordingly.
  5. Drive your project through its main goals
  6. Prohibit the scope creep


What is a Project scope management


There  are five steps involved in project scope management process they are listed below

1.Collect Requirements

In project scope management collecting the requirements is the first step so once we collect the requirements as per the project needs.


 2.Define Scope

Define the project scope is the total amount of work that needs to be done to complete a project


3.Create WBS.

work breakdown structure (WBS) it is  a project management tool that helps to take a step-by-step proposal to complete a big projects with several moving parts. By breaking down the project into smaller components, a work break down structure can includes scope, cost and outcomes into a single tool.


4.Verify Scope.

Verifying the project scope includes reviewing the  outcomes and deliverables  with the customer to make sure that they are completed successfully in order to receive formal acceptance of the deliverables of the project. Verify scope as the quality check or user acceptance testing. The primary outputs from verify scope are the “accepted deliverables “of the project.


5.Control Scope.

Control scope in project management process is the process of monitoring the status of the project and managing changes in the project



What is a Project scope management


Here we are talking about project scope management. It  is the process that identifies and    outlines all of the work that is included within a project, and also including its:

  • Goals
  • Tasks
  • End results
  • Target dates
  • Budgets

In project management, scope explains the deliverables, advantages and outcomes of a project and what is important to achieve them. Defining this in prior is  very important, as your project can going  off-track without clear boundaries and original objectives and goals may not be met properly.

It’s a important part of the project planning process and clearly defines what you and your entire team will need to do in order to deliver a product or service, or result and functions. It contains everything that must go into a project, as well as what the way  to its success.

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