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Project Scope Management Process

Project Scope Management Process
-Project scope is the part of project and it defines the goals of the project and what needs to be done to achieve it. It includes the documentation of list or features that are to be involved in execution of the project.
-Project scope management is the set of processes that ensures the scope of project is accurately defined and mapped and it also includes all the essential project information that helps to complete the project on time.
-Mainly the project scope management control the project what is important and what is not included in the project. Processes of project scope managements are:

1. Planning Scope Management:-
-In this project, a scope management plan is created based on input from the project plan.
-This process does not have documents in details or formal. It should be well understood by everyone and t solve the purpose.

2. Collect requirements process:-
– In this process it defines and documents all the stakeholder needs so you can meet project objectives and activities.
-You should gather an in depth list of requirements from stakeholders so that you can prevent scope changes down the line.
-The document for collecting the requirements is developed in the project planning phase.For collecting the project requirements : you can create a project charter, develop the prototypes , hold focus groups or workshops.

3. Define Scope :-
-Once you have collected all the requirements from stakeholders, turn that information into well-defined scope and a detailed project description.
-This document clarifies the expectations and deliverables for the project so that all the team members know what they must accomplish. To define scope: you can try product analysis, generate the alternatives in case your project encounters risks.

4. Create Work Breakdown Chart:-
– Creating the work breakdown chart is done using a technique called decomposition. It is the process in which project deliverables and project work subdividing into smaller and more manageable components.

5. Validate your Scope:-
-This process includes reviewing deliverables with the sponsor to ensure that they are completed satisfactorily and obtaining the formal acceptance of deliverables by the customers. This is the process that is the part of project monitoring and control process group.
-This is more about to getting a sign off for deliverables from the project customers. It also involves customers giving their feedback, advice and any kind of suggestions on the work.

6. Control Scope Process:-
-This is the last process of project scope management that involves monitoring of the project status and taking care of managing changes to the scope baseline.
-This process ensure that all the requested changes and recommended actions are processed through the integrated change control process

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