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Project scope management process.

As a project manager I want to continue my project smoothly and accurate and will ensure the delivery of the project on time within the budget of the project. In order to success the project have to keep hold on every activity and documents it and work on project scope management. If we discuss project management scope from the beginning , the result is everything become much easier for them and do the require changes.

Following things are added in project scope management.

1.Work on SWOT analysis and prepare a RACI matrix , based on that team can able to collect the requirement and set business objectives. 2. Do the feasibility study  , worked on the availability of resource , time and budget and draw the activity diagram , same will help us to know the functionality of the system. 3. Work on inclusion and exclusion of operation things. 4. Write down some project assumptions based on that you are able to make effective application. 5. Do the study on constraints however you know the limitation of the project.

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