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Project priorities, Improtance of them and how to handle them

For a successful project there are few parameters to be considered as priority such as  : 

  • Skilled resources
  • Understanding on key requirements 
  • Conducting workshops and discovery events for better understanding of project.
  • SDLC process definition and must follow attitude
  • Required software 
  • Domain knowledge 
  • Risk management 
  • Alternate strategies for delivering product 
  • Estimations and Delivery timelines
  • Documentation

Above are some of the key parameters to be defined and to be followed, as these leads to success of project deliverable. Once the RFP ( Request for Proposals) is agreed by the business , immediately project need SMEs , BAs and Solution Architectures to available to conduct initial ceremonies such as workshops, brainstorming sessions, Discovery phase, make business & 3rd party stake holders understand the AS-IS process and in-kake Vision of the new product build. This process is followed for migration projects. For  new project ,discussion includes Vision and usage of existing applications. Once the Workshops are completed , IT team comes into picture and hence technical skilled resources to be hired who also have Domain knowledge. Resources from Both Onshore and Offshore should be available for continuous support and progress in work. Software /Frameworks and Applications are mostly important to be available for actual build of project also appropriate logistics & infrastructure to be provided for hassle-free work environment. Resources with knowledge in Domain are advantageous, so that they can use previous domain experience and work effectively in gathering the requirements and understanding the business of current project. Based on the company guidelines , a project team should follow one SDLC methodology  ( it can be Water fall or Agile). These methodology helps in  following a process within the team which helps in systematic environment and track the project status. Solution Architects should be skilled to understand the Risk management , Alternate solution Proposals these are some of the major parameters for successful Project.

 To handle these parameters we need a management team  , inline processes and methodologies. Management team helps in managing team, logistics , Budget and timeline factors for a project. Inline Methodologies and processes will help in structured way of leading a project and would also give a clear Vision for the team to understand the phases of project. Documentation also plays major role for referring details of project for future use and also to understand any critical functionalities when resources are new to project/new to Domain.  

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