Definition :

A  Project Charter is a document that incorporates the statement of scope ,objectives and individuals who     are  taking part in the project. Moreover it explains in facts about the project goals, roles and responsibilities  of participants, identifies the main stakeholder and defines the authority of a Project  Manager.

A project charter is  also called a continuing Business Case, Project Definition or Project Statement.

Purpose :

The main function of the Project Charter is always to document listed here :-

i, Good reasons for initiating and undertaking the project.

ii, Goals , objectives , purpose and constraints associated with the project.

iii, Directions regarding the solution.

iv, Identities associated with the main stakeholder.

v, Target project benefits .

vi,  High level spending and budget authority.

Component of Project Charter :

Important components of a Project Charter  are as follows:

i, Business case.

ii, Problem / opportunity statement.

iii, Goals / Projected Benefits.

iv, Goal  statement

v, Project scope.

i, Project plan.

vii, Team structure


Inputs :

Following inputs have to create or develop  a project charter.

i, Project  Statement Of Work.

ii, Business case.

iii, Agreements

iv, Enterprise standards / Industry standards , Regulations and Norms

v, Organizational Process , assets and templates.

Simple tips to create a Project Charter :

i, Identify the vision

ii, Describe the project organization.

iii, Plan the approach to implementation.

iv, List the potential risks and issues.


The project charter is a communication tool that is great for stakeholders and it also  provides direction towards the project and assists the project manager communicate his authority to perform the project. This document must certainly be signed by someone external to your project, such as for example someone from senior management, PMO or through the client.


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