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Project Change Management

Change Management is the process, tools and techniques to manage people side of change to achieve the required business outcome. As BA we will study and understand characteristic features of requirement is change over a period of time. Requirements are inherent to change and need to manage throughout their life. People change their minds, preferences  with time. As a project process through time it is inevitable that some things will change that affect the project so your requirements may also change.

BA should always welcome change request. Whenever a change request come from a client, the BA will analyze this change request. Initially he performs Feasibility study to accept change and then Impact analysis to measure change to project and finally Effort Estimation to implement change in project.

Changing management will affect the project scope i.e the requirement which was not scoped as a part of initial business requirement document, must be managed under proper management

This means when a change is requested, the BA should :

*Initially BA documents change request

*BA analyze whether it is change request or defect discovered from previous communication

*the project manager or change manager must provide an initial approval if BA needs to move further

*when it comes to change management whether change is made or not, depends on yet another important factor which is for the business analyst as well as project manager to ensure whether change request is complex or minor one.

*in case if change is complex, It will expand time scope of project heavily which in turn increase delivery time

*BA helps stakeholders to understand the impact of change request will have on organization and help to minimize negative impact that will arise by particular change.

*Successful change efforts necessitate the BA to articulate a vision that appeal to both internal and external stakeholders.

A BA must be able to communicate a sense of urgency among stakeholders.

Successful change management , requires organization to overcome the challenging of bringing all stakeholders to an agreement about changes to be incorporated and to avoid conflicts.

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