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Project Change Management


Before we proceed for further discussion we must be aware that what “Project Change Management” is.

  • Therefore “Project Change Management” refers to the tools and processes which we use to manage change within a project and its project team.
  • People may change their minds, preferences with time or any point in between. But as a project process through time it is inevitable that some changes will affect the project so our requirements may also change.
  • BA should always be prepared to welcome Change Request. Whenever the change request comes from client the BA firstly should analyze the change request and then follow some steps:-
  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Impact Analysis
  3. Effort Estimation



Feasibility study is an analysis of the viability (possibility) of an idea. 


Impact Analysis is nothing but identifying all the possible facts that needs to analyze.

  • Gathering information
  • Evaluating the collected information
  • Preparing a report to document
  • Presenting the results to senior management.

Effort Estimation is nothing but it implements the change in the project.


The Role Of A Business Analyst In Managing PCM:-

Some of the major steps need to follow before moving for change request:-

  • Understand the reason for the change
  • Understand the impact of the change
  • Understand the effort required to implement the change
  • Ensure that the change request follows the approval process


How To Manage Change Request:-

There are some steps which can help to manage change request mentioned below:-

  • Determine the span of the Change
  • Determine the span of Incorporating the Change
  • Gain Approval / Rejection of the Change
  • Communicate an Approved Change Request


Who Should Approve Change Request:-

Three Options for Approving Change Requests

  • Project Sponsor (Project Leader).
  • Project Manager
  • Change Control Board (CCB).

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