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Project Change Management

When working on any project, it is impossible to avoid changes. Changes often mark the beginning of the project, some during the project and some even after implementing the project. During implementation, the new information discovered makes it necessary to revisit the requirement of the project. If change requests are not incorporated and communicated effectively, it may cause significant issues in the project.
Role of BA in Change Request:
1.The changes need to be documented. It helps to define the specific problem that needs a solution and the causes for the change.
2.The change log should be updated when there is a request for a change.
3.The change request needs to be assessed analyzed. BA needs to trace the impact and determine it to the customer, business unit and people, validate the change to the stakeholders and identify a practical solution to implement the project.
4.The change should be submitted for the approval to the CCB (Change control Board) which have the authority to approve or disapprove the change proposal. It may require re-negotiating the resources to implement the project.
5.All the changes should be documented as a proof for the request.
6.Further analysis should be conducted on every approved change requests based on the priorities.
7.All the documents affected by the change request should be updated. Whenever system changes are implemented, the associated procedures and documents should be updated. For example: Business Requirement document, Project plan, test scripts, training materials, Business Process document etc..
While “change” is often thought as a complex word but change happens for the business reasons. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is impossible to expect stakeholders to have perfect knowledge towards the business objectives. We want to avoid drastic changes but we do not want to ignore the opportunity to deliver more value to the organization.
Successful change management requires organization to overcome the challenge of getting approval from stakeholders about the changes incorporated and to avoid the delay in the project completion.

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