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Problem Solving

It is technique to reach at the solution of the any problem.

Following are the steps involved in the Problem Solving process:

Define the Problem: To reach at the solution, first we need to understand the problem.

Generate Solutions: For any there can be many solutions, so the second step is to identify the possible solution for the given problem.

Analysis the each solution: As there are many solution available for the problem, but all are not accomplish the goal, so we need to understand the impact each solution and feasibility of the solution.

Select the Solution: This is fourth step in the Problem solving process, after analyzing each of the solution we can select the best out of all which solve our purpose.

Implement the Solution: After selecting the solution for problem, the next and last step is to implement the solution.

Let’s understand with example of coffee shop where owner want to increase profit by 20%.

Define Problem: Here, first we need to understand what the problem is. the problem is increase profit by 20% for that owner has to increase sale of the coffee. So definition of problem is “increased its sale by 20%”

Generate Solutions:  Here we have to generate possible solution for the problem:

Sol1. Increase price of the coffee

Sol2. Give promotional offers

Sol3. Can add variation of the coffee

Sol4. Can sale other staff along with coffee

Sol5. Decrease the cost of the coffee

Analysis the each solution:  here we need to analysis the each solution,

  1. Increase price of the coffee: If owner increases the price of the coffee then the existing customer may get impacted.
  2. Give promotional offers : Owner has to spend the money on promotion such as advertising
  3. Can add variation of the coffee: He can customize coffee as per customer teats which help him to retain and get more customers.
  4. Can sale other staff along with coffee: Owner can keep other staff like book, toys to sale along with coffee but for that he has to do the investment in that staff.
  5. Decrease the cost of the row material: If owner decrease the cost of the material then quality of the product get impacted.

Select the Solution: After doing analysis of the solution, owner can select the third solution as best to solve his problem.

Implement the Solution: After selecting the solution, owner has to implement the selected solution to solve problem.



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