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Pre-sales Process

Pre-sales team generally is engaged in activities carried out before acquiring the customer. Generally Pre-sales and Sales team is expected to work together. The activities that Pre-sales do can be broken down in two Major Activities
Planning – During the planning phase Presales team works on developing methodology and strategy to acquire new business. They are involved in doing Product research, Prospecting, Evaluating product and services, strategy calls, researching on competition in market
Preparing –
Pre-sales process typically involve below stages –
Finding New Leads
Before the Sales team contacts the new opportunity, Pre-sales team needs to Qualify the opportunity as to how relevant is this to the organization, for this Pre-sales team is involved in Product and market research, competition analysis in the market.
Initial Contact with Leads
Once the lead is qualified, presales team provides intelligence to the sales on what solution customer is looking for so that a rapport is build with customer that leads to generation of trust that we will be able to deliver solution to him as required
Presenting the Proposal
The pre-sales team is responsible to build the proposal for the solution we will be delivering to the customer with all the required details. Sales team and pre-sales team should be in agreement with the proposal before sales presents it.
Customer Solutions
After the customer is acquired, presales team is required to assist in technical solution, also presales team is responsible to manage and deliver in every stage of lead to cash flow

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