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Pre-Sales Process / Approach

Pre sales is a Science and methodology which is behind each its success. Pre sales in all of its many forms is an art. In any business pre-sales is most important to understand the methodology behind the project or sales. The one is good at presales need to keep in continues learning phase. Every client or customer is not the similar as everyone comes across the pre sales process. Client requirements would be different from other clients.

Basic fundamentals of presales process or any one should always remember as follows:

  • You are a member of sales team.
  • You are not a Salesperson.
  • You must be Business Relevant.
  • You must technically or product knowledgeable.
  • Know your customers or client.

The simple fundamental rules that you can use to get into right mind-set when engaging with client in presales process. Further to extend the process a team responsible for the pre sales process they should go with the formula called IDEA.

I Identify the customer requirement
D Design the product to meet the requirement
E Evangelize(Address) proposed solution
A Adjust the solution as per the client


If we follow the idea for the pre sales process it could be easier to handle the client before sales.

As we discussed in the starting of the pre sales approach or process it is science and methodology but most importantly it’s an art. Like other arts pre sales must be practiced. You must know your company’s overview with products, services, etc. Develop your presentation skills, and work on your communication skills methodology.


Pre sales like any other skill set must be practiced. It doesn’t come overnight as with anyone else. Build your own style and methodology which sets you more comfortable. Don’t be afraid to change or modify them as you find areas for improvement. The better you get the more value your giving your customer, team, and company.


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