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Pre-Sales Process

The pre-sales process covers all the activities that take place before closing the sale, This is a process that involves research in the clients requirement  very well.When it comes to the actual meetings before you present your product to your clients always follow some pre-planned structure.

Product Management:

Product management plays a crucial role in the pre-sales process, it includes the total history of the product where it involves the details from the development of the product to selling the product to the client/customer. In this process seller should choose the product by the customer’s requirements, the seller has to follow up with the customer’s interests so he can fix the price accordingly.

Conducting background Research:

the seller has to research about the companies market and about the competitors, they have to apply to develop a strategy for shaping the industry to high-level, initially sellers create a communication meeting regarding the product to decide the quantity to manufacture which depends on the customer’s requirement, wherein this case they will take the feedback from various customers and clients to know the value of the product in the market.

Transparent Process:

Selling a product to a customer involves many factors and complex steps so for a successful transaction the two teams should respect their individual roles and the process which they were doing should be transparent, always try to build trust between the two teams.

Understanding Responsibilities

As part of the process, you will need to explain the roles and responsibilities of each team at each stage to prevent misunderstandings, miscommunications which can lead to loss to the company. each and every team should understand their customer’s requirements and deliver the best possible.

Conducting Meetings

By conducting regular meetings team people can exchange feedback and ideas about the product and marketings flaws. These meetings will improve product sales by collecting various inputs from each of the team members.

Marketing techniques

Selling the product to customers is a big task for the manufacturers where they should come up with some unique ideas for selling and getting their products into the society. Giving paid ads on television, social media, email marketing, offering discounts to customers are the common strategies to sell the product.

Quality Approval

Pre-sale process sales agents should prove their product quality in the market, they have to make customer\clients to believe in their products by providing test products and explaining the advantages and benefits of buying their product.


Presentation plays one of the major roles because most of the time customers will be impressed by the product presentation, for this we have to arrange one team for presenting our product in the market which educates customers and it might get insights from the audience.

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