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Pre-sales process

The task of a pre-sales person starts from the initial contact phase and often ends once the customer has been acquired i.e. sale is made. In some cases, pre-sales also will provide some initial or post-sale transitional support.

Pre-sales is a process in which we assess the requirement of the client and give solution in a way that meets customer requirement. There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration before meeting or acquiring the client. It varies between organization to organization but in general includes.

  1. Understand the requirement of the client.
  2. Understand the clients Industry.
  3. Assess the domain or functionality or product which is suitable for client’s requirement.
  4. Assess the time and resources required to provide solution to the client.
  5. Product or Application demonstration in a way that client’s requirements are met.

This role is especially crucial in Software and IT services industries because the products and services are often heavily customizable and also because the requirements of different customers are often unique. The Pre-sales professional thus understands what the customer needs, develops an initial view of the solution the customer needs, then tailors the product or service of his company to meet what the customer needs, explains (or helps sell) this solution to the customer, helps close the deal or sale and often stays on to ensure that the delivery team or product specialists that follow him provide the intended solution.

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