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Pre-Sales process

Presales is a process of activities followed out before a customer is obtained.This set of activities may also extend in the period when the product or service will be delivered to the customer.The sale of service or goods before its release date normally keeps a discount rate greater than Fifty percent, to raise the customer interest on the product.This is generally used to to set up the new market for the product and make new customers.The use of presales gives a good overview of sales made due to presales and an good estimate of future sales. This marketing strategy helps make sure a more exact number of goods or services needed so that the company does not exhaust resources in goods or services when they are not being utilized, as a result causing waste and loss in profits. The work of a presales person starts from the initial contact phase and often ends once the customer has been obtained.The Software and IT Services Industry have a very important role for presales professionals. The presales professional understands what the customer needs.They develop an initial thought of the solution the customer needs. Then they research on the product or service of their company to find out what the customer actually needs. Finally they explain the solution to the customer, closing the sale.Presales happens along with a sales person before a sale closes.It is just a sales support.
Presales in IT –
• Companies look for vendors to implement software solution for proposals.
• Presales role could be specific to account,territory,technologies and partners.
• Presales plays an important role in making proposals for Request For Proposals and Request For Informations

Place of Presales –
 Sales
 Customer
 Services
Presales in career growth-
 It provides a great opportunity to get to know up close the market and the business of software,and what ‘sells’.
 It gives a chance to get a systematic view of many things that makes up an organization and its business
 It gives an opportunity to get to know different cross sections of customer and technology solutions.

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