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Pre Sales Process

PRE Sales Process


Pre Sales Process is an activity that is carried out before we acquire a client.
The pre sales process begins after an initial contact is made with the future prospect.
There are various steps that we need to go through

Finding a Prospect

Initiating the contact with the prospect

Identify the needs of the Prospect

Make an Offer

If there are an Objections raised, try to manage those objections

Close the sale

Ask for referrals

A Sales person is responsible for finding a prospect(Customer), initiating contact,
Setting mettings with customer and sending proposal

The most important part of job for the Sales person is to crack the sale /close the sale.

Not all prospects are worth chasing. Before we start working with the new prospect, Pre-sales team comes into picture as they will check and confirm if it’s worth investing companies time and resources.

Once we get the go ahead from the pre-sales team, they are the ones who will first verify what problem the customer is facing that needs to be solved.

Once we have a clear picture of the issue it becomes easy for us to build a rapport with the prospect and make them believe that we will deliver what we are offering.

The pre-sales team then will make a proposal that will summarize, what services we are offering and what all resources will be utilized.

Once the customer is acquired, the work of Pre-sales does not finish there, they have to also find a solution to the customers Problem. Customer Retention is a key aspect of growing Business.

SO to conclude we can say that :-The pre-sales process is important in finding, winning, and keeping customers. The job of the pre-sales department begins when the first contact is made with a new prospect and usually ends once the sale is acquired.

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