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Pre-sales Process

Presale is a collection of all the activities which linked up to achieve the aim of knowing the target audience or customer. Reports shows that business can be enhanced 20-30% if the presale process is in lined with the customer’s needs.

Presale is a process which generally performs before acquiring a customer. For example before constructing a building presale team works as a spectator for who all will be the buyers for the building, as per the location which are the short distance land marks to it ,how to convince the customers by giving the fare deals, what are the profit margins the builder will get by understanding the customer needs.
The main difference between the sales and presales is that where presales complete with its work from that point the sales can starts its work. Presale
gives the approach to the sales team on about what to work. We can say presales team support the sales team to achieve the target.

More specifically we can say that Presales works up to the RFQ and after that sales team starts working on it. Presale works before the release of the product.
Presales person gives the presentations about the releasing product, gives all the functions the release product has going to perform, how the product is beneficial to the customer. Presales person co-ordinates with the client to know about his expectations from the upcoming product.

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