Pre Sales is a vital phase of any project initiation . In order to understand the flow of project initiation please follow the basic steps in the bellow

Request for proposal

Request for information

Pre Bid Conference

RFQ- request for quotation

SOW -statement of work

Whenever a client is looking for a new project to develop they first raise a request for proposal so that service provider company can be notified that there is opportunity for a new development project from a certain company.

Then on the basis of that information those companies which provide such service  if interested to get that project they ask for more information about the project and  the company which is called RFI or request for information.

Then on the basis of RFI those companies who are interested to get this project  are being invited in an open conference so that both the parties can understand each others business aspects. And can decide which service provider company can be selected for the project This process is called   Pre Bid Conference.

Once the above process is done, the client company asks all the selected  service provider companies to submit their respective quotations to complete the project in terms of money and time .This is the phase where the client company  finally decides which company to get the project . This process is known as  RFQ- request for quotation


Once the client company has finalized the service provider company they ask that service provider to submit the terms and conditions to start and complete the work; this is called SOW -statement of work. In this phase the work is being transferred from the sales team of the service provider company to the operation or development team to carry forward.


So in the above  phase  the third phase Pre Bid Conference is the  crucial for any service provider company to decide whether they will appear for it or not by the sales team .To do this they first have to go through the previous phase RFI- request for information and here the sales team done their respective function to  desi whether they will go for to get this project or not .The procedure which makes the sales team decide to go for the project finally is called  PRE-SALES PROCESS. In short the definition of PRE-SALES PROCESS is following

The preset list of activities which are being carried out by any service provider company before selection of any client company or project is called pre-sales process. Those organization who has proper and strong pre-sales process they have better chance to get selected by client company for new project and for repeat project as well

Activity to perform during pre-sales process is following in short it can be called Enterprise Analysis.

SWOT Analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats combinations of these four properties makes the concept of SWOT.It is standard practice by any organization in the industry to understand their own features which can distinguish them from the other company , help them to determine better prospect out of the available options, help them to understand exactly what are the aria where they are lacking and what are the challenges they will phase during the entire period of project accrue to  production and delivery

GAP Analysis- gap analysis can be achieved by answering 2 question  one is  where are we now and Another one is  where do you want to be

Market Research- Here service provider do r&d about the clients company and their reputation and kind of business they are associated

Feasibility Study–In Feasibility Study  we do consider the aspect of  technology, budget

And time for the project

Root Cause Analysis- it is the standard way to find out the actual reason behind the occurrence of any kind of problem or challenges

Decision Analysis- Here it is being decided whether a selected project or the work provided by the selected client is viable or not in terms of financial aspects.at the same time it is also being considered that whether the work is being possible to execute with respect to skill set available of our resources or manpower

Strategy Analysis-Here service provider organization decides what exact procedure should be followed so that a sustainable profit can be met end of the project completion

Enterprise Architecture Frameworks: it is to decide how the organization operates .There are broadly 2. Zachman Framework which is used for bigger organizations .For small company the framework is being used is POLDAT

Project Scope and Business case writing- It defines the goals and objective of the project to be bid for

Risk analysis- it is decide what are the probable difficulties  is associated  with this project whether the project development can sustain it or not


By analyzing the the above points  sales team of  service provider decides whether to appear for  pre bid conference or not in short they decides about the bidding of the project  of certain clients




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