Here, the business analysis communication plan describes the proposed structure and schedule for communication regarding business analysis activities. Record and organize the activities to provide a basis for setting expectations for business analysis work, meetings, walk through and other communications.

Description: planning business analysis communication include determining how best to receive, update, distribute the information of a project from stakeholders, and determining how best to communicate with each stakeholder.

Requirements can be presented in different formats and they must clear, concise, accurate and at the appropriate level of the detail:

What needs to be communicated?

What is the appropriate delivery method?

Who is the appropriate audience and when should be the communication occur.


Developing a communication strategy:

During the project assessment the business analyst should elicitation the requirements, planning and documentation phases.

The main focus of BA is :

Create requirement communication plan

Manage requirement conflicts.

Determine requirement formats

Create a requirement package.

Conduct a requirement presentation.

Conduct requirement review

Obtain requirement signoff.

While starting a project BA should indicate the intention of communication should be delivery to stakeholder in every single process provide input as

Business analysis approach: May include standards and templates that use in communication and expectations regarding when and how communication should occur.

Business plan: when work will be done and what product should be deliverable and which need to be communicated.

Organization process assets

Stakeholder roles and responsibilities.

Elements like geography, culture, project type, communication frequency, communication formality


Support of SME

Operational and project managers.

Finally business analyst plan to communicated and describe when and why the BA will work directly with stakeholders.


Stakeholder communicates the requirements for business analysis activities.

Format, content, medium, level of details.

Responsibility of analysis and planning the information.

No matter what the communication but it should be concise and clear with the stakeholder for their business requirements.


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