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Parallel Testing

Parallel testing

Parallel testing is running multiple test cases on multiple combinations in operating system or browsers at the same time. It helps in reducing the testing time, for every normal testing the sequential process takes time to finish the testing. Whereas parallel testing can divide the invested time and no of test machines which can be used parallelly.

Parallel testing is a software testing type process, in parallel tests the tester runs two different versions of software concurrently with the same input. The main aim of the parallel testing is to find out whether the legacy system and new system are behaving in a same manner.

Another thing need to be remembered in parallel testing is you can convert it into steps, starting with the tests which are easy to parallel and later adapting some or remaining tests after your team have some time to adjust. After you starts using parallel tests and integrate into the development process. It is easy to expand the quantity and scope of the parallel tests.

To the software engineers parallel testing can conduct testing on whole system endure their functionality, quality, and other special qualities that make it appropriate for users.

Parallel testing can help large organizations conducting large scale testing can further help the business improve their statistics.

Few reasons why to use parallel testing are

  • Parallel testing help complicated projects and large projects conducting large scale testing and make it easy.
  • Conduct redundant testing to ensure that newer version of application performs correctly as per requirements of clients.
  • It demonstrates consistence and in-consistence between old and new versions.
  • Verifies the data format between two versions have changed.


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