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Organizational Factors

Organizational factors Determine How an organization can Be started or define how the Organization will work and how the organization Behave

Organization’s behaviors are understanding and controlling human behaviors at work

Let we discuss behaviors that may contain to an organization


  • Understanding about Self and others

The organization has to understate about themselves about how to behave with the Employees, the organization has some rules and regulations will follow the rules and regulations. So, the rules and regulations are how impact the employees in the organization.so What are the qualities that to an employee and what are the leadership given to an employee and employee authorities should be considered to an organization and how to perform in a Bad situation, the company have studied their strengths and their weakness and the areas to improve and compare other organizations,


  • Human Relationships The organization has good human relationships to stability the market. The organization has some structure to follow like there are some senior-level employees and managers and entry-level employees. Managers are authorities to the employees how they will work and what tasks to give employees in this kind of situation the manager has to maintain a good relationship with their employees the relationship plays a crucial role in an organization. Managers will have to maintain a good relationship with their employees to achieve the targets and they are always standing with employees.


  • Motivate the employees


The organization has motivated their employees to get successful, how to face challenges and how to perform in some kind of situation. The managers have motivated their employees and discussed the employees needs to the working environment in an organization and employee-facing any problems, then he finds any difficulties so the manger usually motivates their employees to achieve the success to those problems they are facing, challenges happen commonly in an organization but we approach the challenge is different, we don’t decide the challenge as difficulties to solve. We have to motivate ourselves and others to get solutions. We have to know them that If they are not satisfied with that project if they think the project is more capable than their strengths. There are bonuses and incentives and other allowances will get to employees.


  • Effective communication

The organization has effective communication to achieve its goals. Communication plays a key role in organizational success and the employees in the company will have communication skills to their eligibility, employees are the pillars of an organization, companies are hiring employees who are effective communication and they are trying to know their capabilities, and then only they are selected to work. the employees in the organization must have effective communication to achieve their goals.


  • Improves the Quality

The organization has to improve the quality of the operations and employees, it is the process of development in the organization, managers are working on how to improve the quality of the organization how to perform operations, for example, a company has to sell their products, so the company has the structure to how to introduce to the market, they are dividing into divisions and they have placed that product in that division. so the quality is must important for companies according to the market trend. so it works on how to get more profit by less invest these are can be improved to the organization.


  • Introduction to change in the organization

Organizations are trying to change their rules and regulations to the market trends, in this situation they have to discuss with their employees. And the changes in the organization may happen to develop their strategy according to market, and if they want to change in that organization they have, for example, a manufacturer company have some divisions to sale their products,  they are buying a  product from other company, and they want to introduce that product in some division,  so the organization has to arrange a meeting to the employees who belong to that division and they have explained about that product, how to implement the plan, strategy and all are explained to them and they can introduce to the product into the market so that every company has to introduction their change to their employees.

These are important behaviors that organizations will have to follow, and these behaviors will decide how an organization to be and how

it will be successful and stable.


Santhosh pallerla 


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