Organizational factors  in the organization helps to build the organizational structure which is the framework, companies use to manage the authority and the communication processes.

Framework includes the policies, rules and responsibilities of each individual in the organization. Organization consists of human workers, they are called as employees, and they are one of the major factor of the organization, so it is always important to measure the performance of the employee and to know about the factors which affects their performance.

Many factors can affect the employee performance, the main factors which influence the employee performance in an organization,

  • Stress
  • Security
  • Relationship
  • Health
  • Motivation

The organizational behavior is another factor which adds value for the organization, it can be break down into different sections of

  • Personality – plays a large role in the way a person interacts with team and produces work. Knowing a person’s personality, gives a great exposure to find whether the person fits to the particular role of the work where he/she hired for.
  • Job satisfaction and Reward management – job satisfaction vary widely, but according to organization they have to recognize the individual who achieves the goal, which will motivate the individual and increase the productivity for the organization.
  • Leadership – which is one of the most required skill set for understanding the work nature of the team to handle it in a proper way.
  • Authority, Power and Politics – Understanding the appropriate ways, as agreed upon by a workplace rules and general ethical guidelines, builds perfect organization.

The main thing for the success of an organization in the world of great competition is the high employee productivity, so it is important that we have to take care of the employees and their benefits to build a great organization.





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