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Organisational Factors

Organisational factors are the Factors that contribute to the success of the information system according to the users and help is in building organisational Structure. Employees are the major factor of the organisation. So it is important to measure the performance of the employee and to know the factors affecting his performance.

Below are the factors which can lead to good performance in organisation

  • Work environment– The passionate work environment is engaging, inspiring and contagious. Negativity and lack of support will demotivates employee productivity. Always good environment will have positive mindset on the environment.
  • Company culture– The values and culture that your organisation upholds can have a huge impact on employee productivity. It’s the way people feel about the work they do and the values they believe in. where they see the company going and what they’re doing to get it there.
  • Employee engagement– It is a workplace approach resulting in the right conditions for all members of an organisation to give of their best each day. the workforce feels should be supporting employee, it builds a better relationship between them and the organisation. Over time, they will grow more attached to the organisational goals they are working toward and this will push them to be more productive.
  • Job Satisfaction & Rewards – In Organisation they have to recognise the individual who achieves the goal, which will motivate the individual and increase the productivity for the organisation. The organisation should recognise the individuals who have achieved the goals and reward them accordingly.
  • Leadership– How the managers interact with and manage their team is one of the most important factors in employee productivity. Nominate the team members to training programs that helps managers to lead with more empathy, understanding, and trust. It is the most required skill to understand the work nature of the team to handle it in a proper way.
  • Training and development– Proper learning and development training courses should be made available to all the employees. Professional development can help employees to be more confident and successful in their career.
  • Technology– Especially in today’s remote work environment, technology is key to employee productivity. It saves your workers from doing repetitive and manual tasks, giving them more time to complete larger projects that they can feel excited about. By implementing advanced technology tools that are consistent with your employees work needs. It helps them in the creative thinking and growth in the organisation.

It is important that organisation take care of the employee and their benefits to build a successful organisation.

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