Generally ‘Need’ indicates the want of something or circumstances in which that something is necessary to live for an organism, whereas ‘Requirement’ is some quality or qualification that you should possess in order to be allowed to do something or to be suitable for something.
In case of Business Analysis, (From BABOK)
  • Business Needs are the needs of the business which require the perfection in setting Goals, objectives and problems to solve all the various issues connected to the Business.
  • Business Requirements are the condition or capability, needed by a stakeholder to solve a problem, or must be met or possessed by a solution or solution component to satisfy a contract, standard, specification, or a documented representation of it.
The simplest way to explain the differences between is the Need when translated into a form understandable by the engineering team is called the Requirement in Business understanding.
The Business Needs are mostly based on stakeholders demand likely to be Customer stakeholder as the Production team in any company generally search for the demands of the products by customers and it’s feedback, which is the main base of profitable business. The Needs include various Requirements to fulfil the want of that something.
Whereas The Requirements are –
  1. Unitary – It means addressing one and only one thing.
  2. Complete – A requirement is a fully complete information with no missing chances.
  3. Consistent – Consistency is the main character of Requirement as it does not contract with one another.
  4. Non-conjugated – It means non-conjunction, which is atomic in nature.
  5. Traceable – It is able to be found as a whole or a part of a Business Need.
  6. Unambiguous – A requirement is restricted to only one interpretation, expresses objectives not the subjective opinions.
  7. Verifiable – The implementation of it can be determined by inspection, demonstration, test or analysis etc.

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