NEED : need is a basic want of any employee, employer, organization,(every thing in universe will have a need); ect.
– needs of employee : 1) salary on time
2) peaceful environment to work
3) regular breaks for relaxation from work
4) water, canteen, washroom facilities ;ect

– needs of employer : 1) dedecated employes to full fill projects
2) systematic working conditions
3) maintain monetary levels; ect

REQUIREMENT : requirement is something which is been involved in the needs to make need more comfortable.
example : lets take an organization : a new project with particular changes form the original design is called as the
requirement of the client.
– in simple words something which is been asked for is called as requirement.


To any organization need acts as the internal factors which involves requirements of the internal elements(i.e; employee, employer; ect)
of the organization. Whereas requirement acts as the external factor of the organisation which is forcefully implemented either because
of technological changes, may be because of competetive advantages, sometimes because of clients demand; ect.
Requirements acts as the foundation to any of the projects, this requirement demanded/obligated by any client may be of any of the forms
like business requirements, user requirements, functional requirements;ect related to the project.
business requirements,stakeholders requirements,solution requirements,functional requirements,non-functional requirements,transition
requirements are few types of requirements commenly used requirements in business deals.
Requirements gathering is made by an business analyst during the business deal with the clients.

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