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Need Vs Requirement

There is an unclear view among Business Analysts and client while recognizing the differentiation between a need and a requirement in these days.

“requirement” is defined by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) as a condition or capability required by a stakeholder to solve a problem or achieve an objective, while a “need” is a high-level representation of the requirement needed. The need is the end result or purpose. It is the “why we are doing this”.

Business needs represents the gaps between the present state of a business and its goals. Needs are the fundamental drivers of changes that to be occur in an organization which are recognized as requirements where as Business requirements are like specifications to be involved which once delivered, offer some value and simply can be state as it represents the characteristics of the proposed framework

Needs are a kind requirements in high level which are partitioned into lower-level and more specifically specific requirements. And Business requirements are what need to be done so as to accomplish the need or objective.

Business needs will be needs of the business which depict the business objectives, goals and issues that the business is attempting to solve. And business requirements are the statements which describes the solutions of business including the business needs, capacities required by business to address business needs, and the business case

Business need is the essential requirement of the business while the business requirement is the particular or specific need in the business.


Need-For the product promotion, advertising business is the need of the business.

Requirement- Picking or choosing the medium to promote


Need-Attaining Customer Satisfaction


  1. User friendly application
  2. Live chat to support customer

So Business need and the business requirement is two distinctive concepts, which will concentrate on what to do and how to do in the business.

For doing anything, we need to have a goal, so we can say that need is a target or business case that creates requirements. When we have a clear need, it discovers possible solutions. It additionally encourages in another approach to discover why we made a specific requirement. However, there might be multiple numbers of requirements that can satisfy the need and it absolutely relies upon the need generator.

Finally “requirements” can be defined as ideas in order to fulfill the user’s needs.

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