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My Key Challenges as a BA

My greatest challenge is not the result of a single act but an ongoing discussion with many, many stakeholders that continues for every moment that I am working. Some of them being:

  • The artifacts are key dependencies on many members of a project team including the PM, Solution Architect, Senior SDA, IT AD Team, QC Team, IT AM Team, the Business Customer and any of these people could come asking questions and any of them may make demands that would either conflict with someone else’s expectations, the critical path or simply with good practice.
  • Explain the needs of the business to the team responsible for implementing the change in a way that would allow everyone to do their job and remain reasonably contented that their interests have been taken into account.
  • Ensuring that all Stakeholders have seen the changes and agreed upon
  • Maintaining the changes to the artifacts and to obtain Approval Signoffs from the appropriate Stakeholders without frustration in having multiple documents to review
  • Updating any changes to the Schedule and Tasks as a result of the approved changes
  • Having to include the changes without changing the Time or the Cost
  • A Team that is new to becoming Agile and not having a Coach to guide them or the budget available for having a Coach.

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