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Minutes of Meeting

Why it is called minutes of meeting?

Minutes” in this sense first popped up in the early 18th century, possibly directly from the Latin “minuta scriptura”, meaning “small notes” or just “minuta”, meaning “small” or possibly via the 16th century “minute” definition of “rough draft” from the preceding Latin.

How do you record minutes of a meeting?

Don’t record everything that you hear or see.

Listen for clues and ask for clarity.

Leave lots of space for latter additions.

Use positive language.

Be objective.

Notes should consist of key words, or very short sentences.

Take notes with a pen and a paper, not a laptop.

Why is it important to take minutes at a meeting?

Minutes record meeting decisions, which makes them a useful review document when it comes time to measure progress. They also act as an accountability tool because they make it clear whose duty it was to perform which action.

Are the minutes of a meeting a legal document:

Meeting minutes are important legal documents. They serve as a record of the decisions made by a board of directors and a historical document which traces the achievements and obstacles experienced by a nonprofit organisation.

What is the purpose of the meeting?

A meeting is where a group of people come together to discuss issues, to improve communication, to promote coordination or to deal with any matters that are put on the agenda and to help get any jobs done.

Why do we need to have meeting?

The most common reason to have a meeting is to discuss something face to face. It could be a new idea, a new opportunity, a problem, to brainstorm something, reach a decision about something or any number of things. But it all comes down to discussion and face to face interaction.

How do you plan for a meeting?

Identify the purpose of the meeting.

Make sure you really need a meeting.

Develop a preliminary agenda.

Select the right participants.

Assign roles to participants.

Decide where and when to hold the meeting and confirm availability of the space.

Send the invitation and preliminary agenda to key participants and stakeholders.

Sample template:

Parking Lot:

Meetings can often go off the agenda. Sometimes this is because a person wants to air their point of view with a forum. Other times it may be because an attendee has not understood the purpose of the meeting, and believes that their point is relevant.















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