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List some of the skills and tools used by Business Analysts

Following are the list of the skills required by the business analyst.

  1. Understanding the business objective :

Business analyst must have clear about the what is the business objective we have to deliver. Any misunderstanding will leads to rework.

  1. Critical thinking and analytical thinking

Business analyst must have critical thinking to overcome any challenge.  Business analyst should always think in solution oriented approach.

In analytical thinking, BA must have analysis skill to gather the requirement, knowing the stakeholder, prioritize the requirement, Making client ready for UAT.

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills

Communication skills consist of verbal and non verbal communication.

Business analyst must always use 3 W rule ( Who, What, When )

Interpersonal skills are useful for  coordinating between team and client also in time of conflict management.

  1. Decision Making

Business analyst must have good decision making ability to take right decision at right time with right approach

  1. UML Language

Business analyst must know the UML and tools such as Microsoft visio, Axure RP, balsamiq .

  1. Be like a lotus in the mud

BA shines by delivering right product to the client by addressing all the requirements of the client.

  1. Never take tension but pass on the tension

For any critical issue BA should not come under pressure. BA should assign every problem to concerned department but not to take tension.


This are the skills required by the business analyst.


List of tools used by Business Analyst.


Microsoft Visio :

MS Visio used for UCD diagrams, Activity Diagrams and sequential Diagrams.

MS visio widely used app for drawing the UCD due to his compatibility to windows.

Rational rose is another application for MS Visio but it’s not widely used because it uses only on XP.

MS visio file save with .VSD extension.

In MS visio file saves PDF and JPEG format.



Balsamiq is used for mock-ups.

It used for giving static view of the application.

In short period of time balsamiq is effective tool.

Balsamiq File saves with .bmnl

This file can converted into PDF and PNG.


Axure RP Pro 6.5

Axure is user for Wireframes.

It gives dynamic view , in which we can provide navigation for website, links or page navigation.

File saves with .rp extension


Power BI

Power BI is an interactive data visualization software product developed by Microsoft with primary focus on business intelligence.

Power BI is cloud based application.

It offers data warehouse capabilities including data presentation, data discovery, interactive dashboard.



Tableau is American based interactive data visualization software company focused on business intelligence.

Tableau has a mapping functionalities and able to plot longitude and latitude functionalities.

Tableau software can connect the following data sources Microsoft excel , text files, import from workbook


Microsoft Excel

It is most famous and widely used tool.

It features calculation, computation capabilities, graphing tool, pivot table.

Excel 2007 has formats like Excel workbook,excel binary workbook

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