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Lead qualities in a Business Analyst Role

BA is one of the most important and challenging role in determining the progress of an IT requirement. He is accountable for Requirements Gathering, Elicitation and UAT. To achieve the best results BA should possess few common Leadership qualities:

  1. A positive attitude: BAs are involved at various stages of SDLC; hence, active listening skills are important. A good BA is expected to know the skills of paraphrasing, clarifying, reflecting, explaining, asking the right questions, linking, summarizing and encouraging besides Non verbal skills such as eye contact, facial expression, personal spacing, time and body language.
  2. Story telling/Presentation: BAs plan and create communication to promote an emotional communication to a customer, by conveying real user stories to reveal behavioral patterns. They build a process of common understanding of usage of the product between customer and technical team. He leads the communication for the progress of the project.
  3. Interpersonal Skills: A very important skill which is beneficial in number of interpersonal interactions (such as meetings, problem solving, selling, delegation, motivation, facilitation, leadership and coaching).
  4. Personal Grooming/Confidence: Every challenge of BA profession helps in improving the knowledge on analyzing and elicitation which can contribute a BA in being Self Motivated, Team Player, Mentor, Coach, Inspiring, Conflict Resolving, Handling meetings, Facilitation Process, Collaboration and Handling Change Management.


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