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Joint Application Development (JAD) Sessions

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JAD is workshop conducted to gather requirements. In this stake holders and system analysts participate to gather requirements.


We can gather more number of ideas within short period of time for a particular problem.

Every participant can elicit more number of requirements


Time is very short to express the ideas.

Define process:

Before starting the session , identify objectives, scope, problem of a feature. Identify the participants for the session . Intimate them to comeup with as much as possible requirements.

Document process:

Document every requirement in a particular way. List all the requirements shared by stake holder .Pick the requirements which can give solution to the problem. Prioritise the valid requirements.


JAD session participants are client, end users, developers, database analyst, system analyst, humen resourses, gui designers,Network admin.


While developing a particular feature in the application, if this code is affecting the code of another feature of application. In this particular situation jad session will be conducted.

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