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Investigation techniques used by BA.

Today’s dynamic information Technology BA played very vital and important role.
BA has to deal with customers most of the time for gathering business requirements.

BA using various investigating techniques to probe client to get required business requirements.

Let’s outline these techniques.
1: – SWOT Analysis.

Most used technique ; SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats.

Strengths: Business characteristics or Project that gives advantages over others.
Weakness: Business characteristics that place the business or project at disadvantage
in relation to competitors or other projects.
Opportunities: this the elements in universe that business or project could exploit to its advantages.
Threats: These are the elements in universe that could cause trouble to business or project.

Brainstorming is group technique, you call this creative technique to generate idea, solve complex
business problem, to identify root cause of a problem.

I personally believe that this is the best technique to generate various ideas.

3: – Requirements Interviews.

Most of people are familiar with this business analysis technique. In this activity BA perform
in structured way. Ask questions, capture, interprets and understand the requirements in details.
This technique seems very easy, but required specific skills by BA to perform this.


You need to sure that you covered the entire are within the analysis. You want to be sure that you
consider all different component and elements under analysis. You don’t want to miss out anything
required. Then you need MINDMAP technique.

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