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Success of any company entrust heavily on marketing strategies. Outbound marketing was the most common marketing strategy that has quickly changed in last few years. The marketing tactics of the companies had now changed and moving towards inbound marketing as we are living in world of generous information but scarce of attention. For better understanding, one must know the pros and cons of this marketing strategies.

OUTBOUND MARKETING- “Companies looking for clients”:

Outbound marketing is an approach through televisions, emails, ads and telephones. Outbound marketing strategies are quite expensive; one cannot pay an arm and a leg for the things which do not promise success. Large companies can undergo outbound marketing for promotion of a product nationwide.

INBOUND MARKETING- “Clients looking for a company” :

To overcome the hassles of huge paid outbound marketing strategies companies now turned towards inbound marketing. The strategy of inbound marketing is “Give something to get someone.” Here we are delivering valuable content to attract customers. Inbound marketing also called as content marketing incorporates elements of SEO, blogging, social media, seminars and webinars.


Inbound strategy involves weaving a creative content that appeals to the reader and then helping them find it through search engine. The content must be in a simple manner which lures the attention of the readers who has little command on english as well the experts in english. The content must be transparent, consistent, and relevant to the Industry.

  • The content should be in-house and should not follow a cookie-cutter approach.

  • Content should be planned and not haphazardly thrown. As time is the major constraint content should not be lengthy, Insights are preferred for attracting clients easily.

  • A company has to be dedicated in drafting the content properly to excel in the field of inbound marketing.

  • You should keep an eye on number of people visiting your site, followers of your social media groups for evaluating the value of customers. The more following you, the broader you reach across your marketplace.

  • Rather than competing for mass audience have a remarkable resonation with niche audience.

  • The people who win really big on the web are content companies who are have a garage of creating new content.

Why blogs fail sometimes?

The most frequent reason for failure of blogs is the writer oversells the product instead of writing genuine, neutral and brilliant content regarding the project.

  • The idea is to pull out the industry by creating the consistent and relevant content hoping to connect with the potential customers.


Either write something worth reading about or do something worth writing about”. — Ben Franklin.


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