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Importance of UML

Most people refer Unified modeling language as graphical notation for System analysis and design.It helps to built both large and small computing system from the user perspective. It is classified into various diagrams

  1. Use case diagram: A use case diagram is used in user perspective.Where how user interact with system and the process is done generally a use case can be used in requirement elicitation and analysis and further refined and filtered by stakeholders Use case also is very helpful writing in test cases, The test planner can extract test scenarios from use case.
  • Input information to the system
  • Receive information from the system or
  •  Both input information to and receive information from the system.
  1. 2. Sequence diagram: Sequence diagram is interaction between how object is interacting with another object generally sequence diagram rely on use case diagrams Mainly sequence diagram are Called e and vent diagramsorevent scenarios.

3.Activity Diagram: An activity diagram is mighty diagram to describe dynamic aspects of the system for internal process flow for user to display and according to the display the actions are been performed

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