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Impact Assessment

Impact assessment

Impact analysis is a effectives of organisational activities and changes affect by those activities. It is related to Art and science. It is a powerful communication between both internal and external. The impact can be seen as both positive and negative, intended and unintended long term results produced by an IFRC either by internally or externally.

In recent years government has invested in developing and applying tools for Impact assessment. It is classified as.

  • Scoping
  • Qualitative analysis.
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Aggregation
  • Analysing coherence
  • Data presentation and involvement.
  • Monitoring and evaluation


Impact assessment is a straightforward in development projects. The problem of impact is addressed as initially both donor community and humanitarian sector should recognise the problem later the problem should be seen as different perspective. The impact is a function of effectiveness, relevance, and sustainability of intervention.

Impact assessment comes by developing two proxies. The first is whether the intervention met the met the real needs and second is accredited training in participatory techniques for workers.

Impact assessment makes the judgement about the effect of beneficiaries of humanitarian interventions. Basically is an results chain process and it is an integral part of monitoring and evaluating frameworks.

Few questions have been raised internally and externally in order to consider the full extent.


  • Assess the relevance strategies.
  • Evaluate the organisational structures and management systems.
  • Evaluate communication – It is describes as the communication happening throughout the organisation and it should be passed to appropriate places at the right times and should make sure that everyone are aware of it and informed to ensure the positive impact embedded in the culture of the organisation.



  • Increase advocacy .
  • Embrace transparency.
  • Open up to scrutiny.



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