BA plays an important role in accessing solution limitation. BA will help in identifying the factors whether internal or external to the solution which is affecting the value. They will identify the root cause for a non performance or under performance and solutions that are ineffective. IT is basically a task which is performed to understand the parts of solution which is limiting the performance. This task is performed on factors that are internal to the organization. This can be done at any point of time in a solution development life cycle phase like development phase, on a solution which is not fully implemented or solution that are working right now within organization. Access solutions limitations are linked to access enterprise limitation. The stakeholders that are involve in this are the customers, Domain SME, End Users, Regulators, Sponsors, and Testers. The output will be solution limitation and the inputs will be Implemented Solution (external) and Solution Performance Analysis for accessing solution limitations. The elements for accessing solutions are – identifying the internal solution component dependencies, Impact assessment and investigate the solution problems. The guidelines and tools used are change strategy, risk analysis results and solution scope. Problem Analysis is performed to determine that the solutions is consistent in the outputs and to identify the root cause of problem if any. BA will identify the problem of a solution by analyzing the activities in scenarios where the output of the solution is either below an acceptable level of quality or it is at potential value not being realized. BA should identify the problems that can be resolved or corrected and which will eliminate the errors or problems. Quality control measure or new business process activities can be added in the access solution limitation tasks. BA should specify the severity of the problem while accessing and the probability of the problem arising again in the process. BA should also access the impact of it on the current business operations and the business capability to handle such impacts and overcome them. The main problem is the inability to meet the desired goals or objective which was projected at the time of initiation. The Internal Dependencies can only limit the performance of the solution of the component which is least effective. The techniques which will be used are – Data Mining, Root Cause Analysis, Survey or Questionnaire, Decision Analysis, Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria, Benchmarking and Market Analysis, Interviews, Risk Analysis and Management, etc. The risk assessment in this will be limited only to access solution limitations. A solution can be a prototype which should be used for assessment or evaluation. Evaluation or assessment of solution is important to have certainty that the idea or design which was decided at the inception will have a correct output or it will meet the needs of end users. It will increase the chances of achieving the desired goals and remove the uncertainty of failure. Before accessing the limitations of the solution, a BA should also access the enterprise or an organization to understand the weaknesses or limitations of the organization and understand if any changes are required before implementing the solution.

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