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How o handle change request in agile model?

Agile is basically used to handle change request which are difficult when we come across traditional methods. So whenever change request comes-in the product owner will receive it, he will analyze whether that change request is important or not, and does that change need to accepted and should be implemented in current iteration or next one.

Whenever change request comes the product owner have to analyze the risk, resources, cost, duration, quality, scope of the project that will be affected.

Most of the changes are approved by the Product owner, Changes that are beyond the tolerance level of the Product Owner may need approval from relevant stakeholders working with the Product Owner. At times, if a requested change could have a substantial impact on the project or organization, approval from senior management (e.g., Executive Sponsor, Portfolio Product Owner, Program Product Owner, or Chief Product Owner) may be required

Once the product owner decides the priority of the change request he will add it to the product backlog and will prioritize it using MoSCoW technique, and the BA need to inform the client that the change will be handled in next sprint.

If there is an exceptional scenario that change that has come-in needs to be added in current sprint then following can take place:

  • We assess the user story, effort estimation to see if it can be met in ongoing iteration itself. In such as case other low priority requirements present in current sprint may be taken off whose effort is equivalent to that of the new requirement.
  • IF the new requirement is very essential for the success of current and upcoming sprints and it cannot he handled as mentioned above, then we need to cancel the current sprint and its root cause needs to be analyzed and addressed in the retrospective.

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