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How do you set up project goals? How do you monitor the progress of goals

Setting up a project goal start with the visualization and planning. Visualization becomes reality once the goal is set up how the project should be achieved. To start any project a goal need to be set up to achieve it within a timeframe. Setting up a project goal determine the success of the project.

Identification of the goal is important while setting up a Project Goal to understand what is important and how it should be achieved within a specific period of time. As a project manager, the goals need to be defined in due course of action with available resources and budget. Below mentioned steps comes in practice to set up a project goal.

  • By assessing the current scenario where project lies and what next step to be carried out. This helps to set goals to be achieved.
  • By breaking down goals into smaller steps to understand and follow the ultimate goal. This helps in clarification among team members to approach towards larger goals and keep things on track.
  • In addition of breaking goal to smaller steps, specific overview of the goal i.e. how it would look like when it is achieved need to be described in a systematic manner.
  • Matching up strength of the team member’s expertise helps in attaining the goal more successfully. This helps team members to achieve more in this way by working in their strength area.
  • The aspect of learning while working towards the set goal helps in effectiveness over time in the achievement of the project goal.
  • Relevancy to the project goal need to describe along with ongoing work, that how a project will look like after its completion. This provide relevancy how goals are related and how teams contribution results in success of the project.
  • Need to agree with client, stakeholders or team members or leaders what is the exact meaning of the goal. The complexities or specification may differ from person to person but what final goal will be achieved will look like has to be agreed with efficient communication.

With detailed action plan while set up a goal help in monitoring of the set goal to achieve the final objective. Identification of tasks and assigning to the expert resources will make sure in progress of the goal. Also setting up priorities, support and identifying issues raised while working towards set goal as quickly as possible will accomplish it in specific timeframe.


The tracking of the progress of the goal is necessary to define the completion or to achieve the ultimate objective. The Envision of ideas and desired results are planned which are followed to achieve in future. By setting up deadlines, milestone and regular evaluation of the tasks assigned helps in tracking the progress of the goal. Which proper tracking of the goals and tasks, makes one accountable for the work of accomplishment of the desired results.

  • By listing and prioritizing the goals will lead to accomplishment of the goal. It will also help in reviewing the goals if any challenge or trouble is faced.
  • By creating smaller tasks or breaking the larger tasks into small goals will help to achieve in a easier manner. The efficiency will also increase in the process for success of goal.
  • By laying out deadline for every assigned tasks towards achievement of the goal.
  • By reviewing the tasks carried out in the process of achieving the set goal will also help to look forward to achieve next milestone. It will also help to adjust any circumstances colliding with the set objective.
  • By creating a schedule and tracking the tasks as per the schedule deadline will help to prepare for the next deadline to be achieved.
  • By keep in check with unexpected that may occur in the line of work during working towards set goal. Overcoming challenges will help to motivate the team to keep on progressing towards the set goal.

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