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How do you set up project goals? How do you monitor the progress of goals

A Goal is a objective that one is trying to reach or achieve. Project goals are goals which specify what project have to achieve or what will be the outcome of the project . It should have performance goals , resource goal and time goal. For a goal to be met it must be achieved within a time frame . Setting up a project goal determine the success of the project.

As a business analyst one has to play a important role while setting up goals as this will help team work efficiently and effectively in given time  , also this will make clear the functionality of the deliverable to the team .Below are steps to set up a goal.


  • By analyzing current situation where we are and what next step will be. This helps to set goals to be achieved.
  • By breaking down goals into smaller achievements to understand and follow the ultimate goal. This clarifies among team members to approach towards larger goals and helps to track things.
  • It is important to learn while attaining the goal as it will help further in achievement of long term goals .
  • Communication with client. Frequent communication and meeting with clients will help to achieve goal, as there will be transparency and updates and inputs can be worked upon.


The 5 steps to achieve goals are mentioned below :

Step 1: Identifying goals: Identification is first step of project goal setting process. It is important as team needs to know what they are supposed to do or what is their final motive and what it will look like. Goal has to identified correctly as , wrong goal can lead to waste of resources and time , it also leads to misconception .

Step 2: Defining SMART goals: After Identification next step is define goal defining that are identified i.e (how to identify goals). Through SMART method gaols can be defined . It covers all aspects that is required to achieve. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

  • Specific: Goals must be defined clearly
  • Measurable: Goals must be tracked
  • Achievable: Goals must be feasible in nature
  • Realistic: Goals must be practical in nature
  • Time-bound: Goals must have a time-bound or deadline

Step 3: Create an action plan: After identification. It is important to identify the method by which goals will be attained or achieved , it should be very clear so that , goal can be achieved without and hurdles .A plan need to make so that it can implemented and required goal can be achieved .


Step 4: Set plan into action: After Creation of plans. These plans have to be implemented. This includes assigning task to the team members, managing the work meeting deadlines for the plans or task assigned.


Step 5: Monitor project execution: Once execution of plans starts, it needs to be monitored so that, PM can keep track of the daily achievements and a step ahead to the goals. It helps to identify where we are lacking in efforts or we are ahead and performing well. It sometimes helps to fill gaps and identify threats as well.

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