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How do you set project goals? How do you monitor the progress of the goals?

The goal of a project should be well understood by the entire team that is working on the project thus it becomes a crucial part to define the goal of a specific project. A business analyst should set the goal of a project by considering the following –
1. To set an effective goal it is important to understand the project’s needs. Why the project exists? Or why it has been initiated that will provide clarity and insight to understand the goal of the project. It is to understand the core idea and the crucial elements of a project. Goals of a project act as a guiding light it provides a direction in which the project should move.
2. Understanding the AS-IS state and TO-BE state – It would provide a clear vision of the project and will help to set the goals of the project. The AS-IS state is the current state or the current situation whereas the TO-BE state determines what a project would be like in the future or what would be expected or accomplished through the project.
3. The goals should be SMART – it should be Specific, should be measurable, it should be attainable, it should be relevant, and it should be time-bound. The goal should provide a clear picture of what reaching each goal would look like.
4. Uniformed approach – The goals of a project should be understood by all the parties that are involved in a project so that there may be a uniform approach among the team members it will provide uniformity of thoughts and vision.
5. Action plan – There should be an action plan to determine short-term goals, long-term goals, individuals and tasks, and deadlines. All of these details should be decided and documented to ensure the plan of action that will be taken to achieve the goals that have been set.
Monitoring the progress of the goals is a crucial task we may have a great action plan; we may have selected all relevant goals but it is very essential to track the progress of the goals so that everything may go as per the plan and it is all on track. It will help in the proper execution of the plan and will ensure that the tasks that are being conducted meet the expected end results
It will also ensure that the deadlines are met and everything runs smoothly and hassle-free. If the goals are prioritized in the right manner, it will also ensure that all the high-priority tasks are accomplished on time.

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