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. How do you set project goals? How do you monitor the progress of goals?

Project goal is high level statement, that gives overall reference of what project will achieve. It is the desired output of the project.

Project goal gives broad overview of projects desired final outcome.  Business Analyst is responsible for defining Project goal after discussion with client and other stakeholders in details.
Business Analyst check weather these goals satisfy the client desires. Is goal is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time bound.
These goals are defined to keep entire team focused on one path and for one objective. For getting predefined result goal should also be clear.
Project goal keeps entire team motivated.
Project goals are long term in nature.
Project goals are defined in the beginning of the project development.
Example: To generate more sales revenue.
To make customer service better.
To increase customer satisfaction.
To increase overall company efficiency.
To reduce company expenses.

Best way to set project goal:
1) 1st identify goal: Identify what is important and note them. Discuss with every team member to identify goal.

2) Define SMART goals:
Goal should have clear deadlines. It is good if we specify the start and end date.
To define goal Business analyst generally use SMART technique.

Specific: Goal must be clearly defined
Measurable: Goal must be Measurable
Achievable: Goal must be Achievable in nature.
Realistic: Goal must be practically realistic in nature.
Time bound: Goal must have deadline.

Use FURPS technique to validate goal.


It is generally used to differentiate functional and non-functional requirements.

3) Create action plan in detail.
Document all the detail related to goal.
Who stakeholders are need to be included in this project.
Who will be responsible for different part of goal as per their expertise and experience.
Divide goal into different task. And also define project objective to note how we will be completing this task.
Note deadlines.
Form RACI Matrix.

4)Execute the action plan:
Assign the task to respective team members.
Fix deadline, and as a BA help team to understand the goal and requirements.

5) Check quality standards and deadlines are met or not.
Create progress check-in schedule weekly or monthly as per requirement.
Record and analyze the check-in data and create progress report.
If required then change or update the goals if any change requested.

Project tracking is the monitoring the current progress of project. It includes the rate of development and money used. BA or PM monitor the resources that are used and will be required in future. PM create project status report. If project goal requires more time to complete then PM will request for new timelines.
Some challenges in tracking the project goal: Communication gap between different team member. Goal not specifies properly, changing project goals in the middle of the development can change the timeline, resources, budget and requirements.
Scrum framework is really helpful in project management.  It divides the project objective into small sprints. Burn down chart help the team to understand the current status of project.
To track goal set project objectives. Create to-do list to track the everyday work and task. We can use Clickup application for project objective management.
Gantt chart are the best way to track the project progress.

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