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How do you Set Project Goals ? How do you Monitor the progress of Goals ?

How do you Set Project Goals ? 

It is a presumption of future state. What are the input we put in current stage and his outcome came and performing well in a project that’s called Goals.

We need to identifying the needs and wants of the project from understand the given situation ,What are the problem they are facing in current stage .From understanding the client needs and want  we had a particular Moto to achieve in a project.

By using various type of technique to set a Project Goals and make sure to achievable in future state.

1.Goal must be Specific ,Measurable ,Accountable, Realistic and Time bound .

2.Reducing the time of developing the project we need to divided the Task by using RACI matrix (Responsible ,Accountable, Consulted and Informed ) by using this technique it will reducing the Confusion between the Team member and easily monitoring the Particular Task.

3.Gantt Chart is also one of the best way to divided the project and it is time bound to developed the project in time.

4.We need to make a Action plan on weekly basis to achieve the given Task.

How do you Monitor the progress of Goals

Monitoring the progress of a project “we need to make the prioritized List of work which should be developed first and each features has to be given the time deadline to completed “.

Stakeholder is Giving the list of Functional and Non functional requirement list and we need to give currency note to stake holder for giving business value to make that feature on priority basis.

By using RACI Matrix we had to divided the Unit of Work in between the team and form that technique we easily understand the ownership or responsibility for that particular task. The responsible person is answerable to that particular task .

While Making the project we had face the EPIC stories that is too much complicated to build for that we need to divided in to small chunks and distributing among the team to developed.

Make a table that mentioned what is going to build ? Team Member Name ? Mentioned the Feature ID ? Mentioned the duration of time taken to build the Feature and after completed Team member has to mention the status of that feature its help to monitoring the Goal is on track or Not.

Monitoring the progress of goal we need to take daily 10-15 min meeting to understand the what the current stage of development and and if they are facing any difficulty to developed the task we need to solve as soon as possible.

We need to appreciating the team member while if some one is doing commendable Job ,Giving some reward in term of appreciation ,Then reply surely team member is doing better job from previously.

While Monitoring the progress some time one of the team member is not been able to complete the task in time frame. We don’t have to shouting on them ,We need to understand his problem and trying to solve the challenges he faced.


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