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How do you set project goals? how do you monitor the progress of goals?

project goal is actually referring to the desired outcome of the project. It is a high-level statement that will give us an overall idea what the project will accomplish.

First, we need to define the project goal at the beginning of the project.

Then we need to connect the project goal to business objective.

Involve the project team in goal setting. The more we involve the project team in goal setting, the more motivated and committed they will to achieve it.

The goal must be in the SMART framework

Specific: we must clearly define our project goal and objective

Measurable: our project result must be measurable like a number or percentage

Achievable: the project objective must be within the project scope

Realistic: the project goal must be within reach.

Time bound: we must set a deadline to achieve the project goal

We can monitor the progress of goal by GANTT CHART

The Gantt chart is most popular in project management. This chart is useful in planning a project, defining the sequence of tasks that require completion in given timeframe and monitoring specific tasks and resources in a project. It consists of a list of tasks and bars depicting each task’s progress. Each activity is represented by a bar, the position and length of the bar reflects the start date, duration and end date of the activity.

It will show us:

  • What the various activities are
  • When each activity begins and end
  • How long each activity is scheduled to last
  • Where activities overlap with other activities and by how much
  • The start and end date

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