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How do you set project goals? How do you monitor the progress of goals?

A project goal can be defined as the desired outcome PM wants after completing a project. It has 3 goals, time goal, resource goal, and performance goal. The goal of the project is to make projects more likely to be successful by keeping them on schedule and quickly and effectively addressing any problems that arise.

Following five steps:

  • Step 1: Identify Project Goals
  • Step 2: Define S.M.A.R.T Goals
  • Step 3: Create an Action Plan
  • Step 4: Set Plan into Action
  • Step 5: Monitor Project Execution

Step 1: Identify Project Goals

In every project, the identification of a goal is the first step. Without identifying project goals, nothing can be determined.

Step 2: Define S.M.A.R.T Goals

One of the best ways to define project goals is the S.M.A.R. T goal method. It defines all targets required to achieve. It stands for:

Specific: What to do to get the target achieved?

Measurable: How will PM make sure that the target is achieved?

Achievable: Can the project target be achieved with the available resources and time?

Realistic: Is the target realistic, can it be achieved?

Time-bound: In how much time does the project to complete?

Step 3: Create an Action Plan

When creating an action plan, BA needs to think about:

  • Who needs to be a part of the project?
  • What will individual team members be working on?
  • What will be the short-term tasks to achieve the goal?
  • What will be the set deadlines for the timeline?

Step 4: Set Plan into Action

This step usually includes:

  • Assigning tasks to individual team members
  • Setting deadlines for each task
  • Providing resources to make sure everything is executed in time

Step 5: Monitor Project Execution

The last execution step in the goal-setting process is monitoring project execution.

The following project goal can be set:

How to monitor progress

Follow to monitor the project’s progress:

1. Plan out the project

BA can collaborate with project team members to create a plan that works for everyone. The project plan includes the project’s scope and essential elements like resources, tasks, and deadlines.

PM plans out projects by creating Gantt charts, which can illustrate a project’s main tasks, timeframes, and other important information in a Gantt chart format. BA can choose the type of project plan that best fits the project and team members.

2. Set clear goals for the project

Another important step in project monitoring progress is setting goals so that each team member knows what they are working towards. BA can use the SMART method to create clear goals for the project. SMART goals are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-based

Using the smart method can help to create detailed, quantifiable goals that team members can clearly understand. Additionally, setting deadlines for project tasks and objectives can help to keep the project on schedule. Once project goals are set, PM can begin measuring the project’s progress in relation to team goals and key performance indicators.

3. Create a steady check-in schedule

PM can also create a schedule for regular progress check-ins. The frequency of sprint check-ins may vary for different projects. It also helps to get the status and complete the target on time.

4. Record and analyze data

PM or BA will analyze data to help the overall progress of the project. Gathering data, including organizing meetings where team members can report their progress or creating a process for team members to prepare progress reports

5. Make changes to Project goals if necessary

As per the project, PM can reevaluate the project’s goals and decide if he wants to adjust them or change the target plan for achieving them.

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