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How do you set project goals? How do you monitor the progress of goals?

I can set project goals in the following ways:

  • Initially you have to identify the project purpose, for which purpose you are doing project. Understand the reason behind this.
  • Understand the objective of the project. Objective can make project easy.
  • Then identify the problems which are facing now and what kind of result you are expecting from this project.
  • If you are making a project for the first time then it will be difficult for you to understand the concept.
  • So, you have to break down these task into smaller part and think about the smaller goals then try to make it.
  • Planning is the initial criteria for doing any project.
  • Somewhat research is important for making a project, after research work according to this.
  • After that prioritize the task and make an arrangement for tasks. Your every task should be unique and realistic.
  • Always be specific with your project goal. Your goal should be specific, achievable and measurable. Achievable means it has to be realistic.
  • Clarification is necessary in order to make a project successful in a correct manner.
  • For making any project time limit is more important, so our project should be bounded with specific time.
  • As you are making project then it has to be in given budget. So, our project should be in min. budget so we can make more profit.
  • If you are doing any task or work then it has to completed in given time line.
  • Keep a deadline of this project and work according to this.
  • If you are working with team then you have to appreciate even for the small efforts.


I can monitor progress of goals in a following ways:

  • Initially I have to make an agenda for the project completion and work according to this.
  • Everyday arrange a meeting with your team mates and discuss about the task completion. If they are facing any difficulty so you can solve this problem then and there.
  • After completion of every task take a review meeting and assign a new tasks.
  • In market lots of tools and application are available for tracking the project.
  • Use one of the tools and application to get a track of the project so you can meet the target on time.
  • If client want any changes in the project then accept the changes but you have to complete the changes within a time limit.
  • After every task of the project check the team performance. If performance is not up to the mark, then make some strategy and work according to this.
  • As a product owner, take a regular reviews from each and every team mates so that we can planning according to this if there any changes.
  • While making a project, any unexpected circumstances might be there so be prepared for the same. Don’t be fumble for such type of situation.
  • Sometime adjust your goal according to circumstances and make a plan according to this.
  • Don’t take doubt on your team mates so that your trust can be built for long.

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