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How do you set project goals? How do you monitor the progress of goals

Project goal is essential for success of any organization, setting project goal provide roadmap for business hopes to achieve and helps to ensure all employees working for project are working towards the common goal. By implementing clear project goals, a business can ensure that all employees are working towards a common vision and help to prioritize tasks. As a Business analyst I have to ensure that the most important tasks to be completed first and that resources are used efficiently

As a Business analyst I have to perform various tasks in analysis like discovering, synthesizing , analyze information from various sources within enterprise including tools , processes , documentation and stakeholder .

Setting project goal

How IT company will get the project?

For any IT company at initial stage client must realize the need by process reengineering and 3rd party consultation. As a business analyst I need to have responsibility in order to set goal to project:

  1. Client interaction – Interaction with client and provoke the requirement of client
  2. Ownership of requirement –Understand the requirements given by client and confirm the understanding to the client once the confirmation is done by client document the requirement and talk to technical team

3.Process reengineering –BA prepare document called requirement traceable matrix (RTM) and client will check back for the requirements is met or not .

Business requirement Initiation:

For setting goal to a project initially BA have to gather requirements by using business requirement initiation . Business requirement initiation consist of:

1.Stakeholder Analysis – Stakeholder analysis is having two type ILS (Identify, list and summary) and RASCI Matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Support, Consult, Informed) . Identify the key stakeholders who are ready to help in any situation in order to communicate for any doubts or clarification regarding the project.

2.Elicitation technique – Implementing requirement elicitation technique is helpful in finding difficulties or challenges faced in project, There are 9 elicitation techniques Document analysis , Reverse engineering , Focus groups , Observations , Workshops , JAD , Interview , Prototype , Survey , Brainstorming , Use case specs .

3.Sort Requirement – Using sorting requirement technique take out the all-unique requirements from the identified requirements

4.Prioritize Requirement – Identify which requirement has to deliver first and highest in prioritize requirement by using a technique called MOSCOW (must , should , could, would).

5.Validating Requirement – Once requirement is gathered the given requirement will satisfy the condition or not using FURPS technique (Functionality, Usability, Reliability, Performance , Supportability).

Monitor process of goal:

Business Analyst takes action on business process related tasks for simplifying business process as per requirements:

Streamline communication – BA will keep track who are involved in project like client, project manager , developer .

Strengthen Accountability – All the employees are responsible for working on project to take necessary action, performance and decisions which improves efficiency of team and project progress.

Minimize cost and errors – Make negotiate with client and make best payment terms so that client will realize without having major financial consequences . Reduce errors to make project run smoothly which will save wastage of time and resources.

Keep track of processes – Collect duplications or repetitive tasks and identify problems that cause performance issue and take concrete plan to make improvement.

By using SDLC(Software Development Life Cycle )methodology the IT company will develop the software application . As a BA mostly project is followed using waterfall model or Agile model

Waterfall model – Waterfall model consist of structured approach and each phase has to be completed first before starting the next phase and this model works well for small projects .

Agile model – In agile model client interaction will be there through out the project. In agile model BA will be acting as scrum master where he will be in touch with every person involved in the project  . Scrum master will be creating user stories and Agile model helps team to handle large projects.

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