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How do you set project goals? How do you monitor the progress of goals?

I will use the below steps to setup project goals:

  • Know where are we and where do we want to go: I will first determine our current position by studying the existing system and it’s features and then verify all the new requirement that needs to be added to the existing system and then it will help me to set goals effectively.
  • Simplification of Goals: I will evaluate each goal on the basis of man power and resources required to complete it and then break down each goal into smaller parts. In this way my team will have clear Idea of each goal as it will be step by step process for them to follow further.
  • Goals should be Specific and Scalable: I would set specific check points that needs to be met for each goal to be archived. On the basis of check points met we can then check how much part of each goal has been met.
  • Assigning of goals: While assigning goals to each team member I will make sure to study their strengths and weaknesses and then I will assign them as per their strengths. In this way it will be fair and we can reach goals quick and accurately.
  • Focusing on accomplishment and learning: I will make sure that in the process of accomplishment of goals we are keeping the track of all the thing that we came across so far and are learning from them. It is very important to learn in every situation and from every scenario. All these experiences will come handy while working on other goals.
  • Mark the importance of each goal: I will make sure that every team member knows how important each goal is and how is it going to affect the project and how is it going to affect the company growth. This will in return motivate each team member to work dedicatedly on each goal. In this way there will be less errors and less compromises that will be made while working on each goal.
  • Explaining Goals: I will make sure that everyone understands the moto of each goal. Because is it possible that there are ambiguities and miss in perceptions when it comes to achieving them. The clarity on each goal is very important and the entire team must stand on the correct vision on each goal. Because a little misconception can cause major failure and effect the company/business reputation. It will also arise trust issues.
  • Identify blockers: I will study keenly the existing project and make sure to check all the blockers that we might come across while working on any goal. I will make sure to work on assumed blockers in the early stage and find relevant solutions to avoid/overcome them.
  • Set Timelines: I will make sure to set time lines to each goal for achieving them. And make sure that each goals time line falls under the estimated deployment date. This will help us to deliver on time and gain trust.

I will use the below steps to monitor the progress of goals:

  • Find out what is the target: In order to measure the goal, I will first need to figure out what is our current status and where do we want to go. This will help us to know how much each goal will affect. And it will also help to find out short term and long-term goals.
  • Set Deadlines: I will make step by step approach to reach each goal. In this way I will estimate the time that is needed to accomplish each goal and it will also help to find out the possible blockers in the process and can be avoided and cleared off earlier.
  • Set Targets/Milestones: By setting a target or milestone I can always scale the amount of progress that we achieved so far and how much far are we still supposed to go. This will also be as a motivation for the team to work.
  • Will use SMART technique: Using SMART, we can evaluate each goal as Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based. This technique will help me resolve most of the issues while defining goals.
  • Timely Reviewing: By reviewing the progress documents timely I will be able to check how much we have achieved so and how far are we still supposed to go. For maintaining this progress statuses, I might use Jeera tool and can also check product backlog and sprint backlog regularly.

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