How do you set project goals? How do you monitor the progress of goals

Setting a goal is very important aspect of the project. It will gives you direction, vision and motivation to work on it and achieve it. Setting a goal will aligned to drive towards our purpose.

Initially before setting a goal the project must be studied and understood very well by the entire team which help to get desired result.  For setting goals following aspects needs to be consider by a Business Analyst.

  1. Precise

If the goal of project is unclear it may to lead to face challenges in project. Hence the Goal of project must be specific without any ambiguity. The same should be understood by each team member which helps to accomplish the project.

  1. Need

It also important to understand why the project has been initiated and what the actual need of the project. With this consideration project goal to be set.

  1. GAP Analysis

A Business Analyst must do a GAP Analysis of the project. Which means he should compare with current state of the project with desired state of the project. Which help him to get the vision and set the goal appropriately.

  1. Realistic

A Project Goal Must be realistic based on the resources available for the project. Setting an unrealistic objective lead to failure of the project.

  1. Suitable

A Project Goal must be suitable and relevant in accordance with other business objective of the client as well as with the company.

  1. Time Frame

Lastly, an effective goal setting should be done with clear deadlines and defined time frame. It will always help team to be on track and accomplish their project in timely manner.

Monitoring a progress of goal is very significant task after setting Goals. A proper schedule to be created for tracking the regular progress. Regular meetings to be conducted to understand the current state of the project, to make necessary changes if required. Essential help and support to be provided to the team to execute the intended result. Business analyst need to do the analysis and prioritized the task in accordance with completion of the project within the stipulated timeline.



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