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How do you set project goals ? How do you monitor the progress of goals.

As business analyst you have to played a crucial role to set effective project goals and this will help to your team to get the clarity of the functionality of the system and objectives.

Every team members should know the objectives of project.

Below are the major points , will help us to set project goals and to know the importance of the product.

1.Use as is and to be method , this will help us to create the existance of the system.

2. Since the project is big , prioritise the requirement and worked phase wise , same will help to team to stay focused.

3. Do the SWOT analysis so that we will be able to find out the core strength of the organization and same will help us to prioritise the work.

4. Work on accomplishment and learning , as you know without any goal we never be able to accomplish the work and have to note learning points throughout the project.

5. As a team we should decide the goals and every members should have to acknowledged it.

6. Also we can set project goals by using SMART goal method since it covers all aspects require to achieve in a project. In SMART S stand for specific , M – Measurable , A – Achievable , R – Realistic , T – Time bound.


– How do you monitor the progress of goals ?

As we know progress monitoring of the project is important to confirm that project is going to be a successful

Monitoring is the best tools to keep hold on the progress of project , it is the process which carry out every field so that you will be able to know on which area or segment to have to work.

Use RTM methodology to track the requirement , based on that you can do ordinate with developer , technical team to find exact status of project.

Identify key performance

Allocate the work by doing separate team

Use project monitoring tool like power BI , Tableau to track the data.


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