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How do you set Project Goals? How do you monitor progress of goals?

How do you set Project Goals? How do you monitor progress of goals?
Project goals is the desired outcome of the whole project and it’s a long term activity. It gives the whole idea of the project and overall context of what the project will accomplish. Setting goals in project that helps you what’s your team working, how your team is doing and what needs for improvement. To set the project goal by following steps:
1. To set your project goals first you need to understand where you are and what you want to be to achieve your project goals.
2. You need to divide your goals into smaller parts so that you can easily achieve your project goals.
3. After breaking your goals in smaller parts they should be specific and measurable.
4. Project goals is match to your team members strength so that your teams members will prefer to work from their strengths and will achieve it more and in short period of time.

The idea of every project goal must adhere to the SMART framework which is effective. Therefore for planning project objectives , each one should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
Specific: The first step in SMART goal is specific means that is clear. The project goal should target a specific area of improvement and its a very specific and clear. Specific your project goals means that answering the questions – Who? What? When? Where? and Why? for the concept.
Measurable: The project goal allow for measurable the progress of the project. Yo choose what is the progress of the project and how you will measure that progress. In this you will also need to define who is measurable the project progress, when these measurements take pace and where the information will be shared.

Achievable: This focuses on how the goal is important to you and what you can do to make it attainable or the achievable . For that purpose you may require developing new skills and changing attitudes , goal means it is the motivation not the discouragement. You need to accomplish the goal if you have the tools or any skills if you don’t have any tools or skills consider what it would take to attain them.

Relevant: Goal of your project should align with other business objectives and it is considered worthwhile. You can break your project goal into smaller and equally relevant goals that will keep the whole team focused on your project goal.

Time-bound: Th project goal must have deadline it can be measured in terms of hours and minutes, in terms of years depending on the project scope and complexity. To set your project timeline, you can take the feedback from major stakeholders about their expectations and deadline and compare it to your team members inputs. Time constraints directly influence on your project goal achievability.

Once you setting your project goal, monitoring your project progress that helps you to achieve it. It helps to understand the which skills and methods are most effective for that and helps to track the progress of your project goal.
1 . List each goals and create smaller tasks:
Sit down and list out each of your goals and think what you would like to accomplish within the next few months or years. List each of these goals and order them which is importance that’s help you effectively prioritize them.
Review your goal lost and determine which is larger goals can be broken down into smaller tasks. Breaking down each goals into smaller tasks makes easier to reach.

2.Assign deadlines to your goals:
You an assign deadline to each one when you have your tasks and goals laid out. When you create deadlines, you are more likely to hold yourself accountable by pushing yourself to reach each goal on time.

3.Review your progress regularly:
To review the goals that you have set for yourself take time each week or day to review that. reviewing your goals also allows you to adjust them in case any other circumstances because you to change deadlines of your current goal to meet better your needs and preferences.

4.Establish a reward system for yourself:
A way to motivate yourself to stay on right track with your goals is to build a reward system. Review your goals and tasks and determine which reward you will provide yourself to hit each goals. It gives more encouragement to improve yourself and hit each goals.

5. Build a schedule to follow:
To help you stay accountable for hitting each goal, outline your milestones and deadline in a schedule. Note the dates you aim to hit each task a few weeks or months in advance . Review this schedule daily to remind yourself of upcoming deadline to prepare for each.

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